What to Expect

We are a diverse group of thoughtful people who come from across Hampton Roads.

We take our faith seriously and try to talk honestly about our joys, trusts, beliefs, and hopes—as well as our doubts, fears, questions, and misgivings.

In many ways, we are all very different. At Hampton Baptist you’ll find Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, young and old, lifelong Baptists and those from other traditions, people who are sure of their faith and people who are still exploring. We disagree quite often, as you’ll experience when you join us! 

We don’t let our differences discourage us—rather, we believe that our diversity is part of what makes our community a preview of God’s coming Kingdom. 

We cherish our ability to welcome people from all walks of life and the opportunity it gives us to love one another as God has loved us.

Whoever you are, we think you’ll feel welcome here.

We hope what follows will help to answer some of your questions about us. If you have additional questions, get in touch with us at church@hamptonbaptist.org. Our pastor is always available to sit down with you and introduce you to our church.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Baptists are you?

“Baptist” is a loaded term these days; some of the most divisive voices in faith claim this label. For our church, to be Baptist means that we cherish four historic Baptist freedoms: the freedom for each Christian to follow their own conscience before God; the freedom for each Christian to read, interpret, and apply the Bible for themselves; the freedom for each individual church to choose its own path and manage its own affairs; and the freedom for all people—Christian and non-Christian—to practice their religion freely.

Nationally and globally, our primary link is with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (learn more at cbf.net). CBF is network of theologically moderate churches who work together to spread the hope of Christ. We’re also the kind of Baptists who are inclusive rather than exclusive; in Hampton, we partner with other churches of many denominations to serve our community.

What does your church believe?

Our beliefs are as varied as our membership. We welcome all who want to grow in their journey with Jesus; no one is required to hold any specific doctrine when gathering with us in worship, study, or service. Our church mission statement probably captures the beliefs of most of our members: “Hampton Baptist Church, a fellowship of Christians baptized to symbolize their faith that Jesus Christ is Son of God and Savior, is united in covenant for the proclamation of that message, the worship of God, observance of ordinances established by Christ, instruction in spiritual growth, cooperative endeavors with other churches, and service to society consistent with the gospel imperative.”

Who is involved with your church?

This is an interesting question! Most people connected to our church still live and work in Hampton. However, just over 40% of our church members drive a substantial distance to worship and serve with us; members come from as far north as Williamsburg and as far south as Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. We’re a unique church, and once people have found Hampton Baptist they are willing to make the drive!

We are also have broad connections in our community that bring many people to our campus. On Mondays, for example, we welcome hundreds of guests each year who are experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, or other challenges. Many of these folks consider Hampton Baptist to be a spiritual home and a safe place for them, though most are not “members” of our church.

In short, we welcome anyone who wants to grow with us as we live in the way of Jesus.

What is worship like? What should I wear?

Worship is at the heart of our community of faith. At 10 am every Sunday, we gather in our historic sanctuary to worship God through our traditional worship service. Services typically last one hour and feature a choir, organ music, responsive readings, and a sermon. The dress is typically more formal, though you will see people dressed in all styles. The ministers wear robes. You can join us in person or worship with us online.
At 6 pm on selected Sundays, we gather in the fellowship hall for Simplify worship. The flow of this service changes week-to-week. Each service is meant to be interactive and participatory, so that we are each moved to connect with God in our own way. Services feature a guitar, piano, or other instruments. We use videos and other media to give new meanings to historic patterns of our faith. The dress is casual, and the ministers do not wear robes.
For more about worship, check out our worship and spiritual formation page.

What’s offered for my children on Sunday mornings?

We are always happy to welcome children onto our campus! There are Sunday School classes for children of all ages.
Preschool children and babies are welcome to join their parents in worship; if parents prefer, during the Sunday morning traditional service we offer a professionally staffed nursery supervised by background-checked adults.
Older children join their parents in worship; they can pick up one of the children’s bags as you enter, and they are welcome to come down front for a special children’s moment during the service. Children of all ages are always welcome in worship. We are not bothered by their squirms or wiggles—they are the future of our faith!

Where are you located? Where should I park?

We are located in the heart of downtown Hampton, Virginia. Our street address is 40 Kings Way, Hampton, VA 23669. However, most of our parking and our main entrance is on Wine Street. See the map below for the best spot to park.