Worship & Spiritual Formation

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Traditional Worship

At 10 am every Sunday, we gather in our historic sanctuary to worship God.

Worship is arranged around the Christian year, celebrating seasons such as Lent, Easter, and Advent.

Services typically last one hour and feature a choir, organ music, responsive readings, and a sermon. Our sermons are scripturally based and last about 20 minutes. The dress is typically more formal, though you will see people dressed in all styles. The ministers typically wear robes.

In our traditional worship, we seek to bring the best of ourselves—heart, mind, and soul—to worship God. We believe that our worship can be creative, because God is ever new; challenging, because God always calls us to deeper faith; and honest, because God wants us to come as we really are.

Simplify Worship

At 6 pm on the fourth Sunday of the month, we gather in the fellowship hall for Simplify.

Life can feel complicated. We believe that faith can be challenging, and it should stretch us—but it doesn’t have to be complicated. During Simplify, we seek to strip away what holds us back and refocus our hearts on God.

There is variety in the format of Simplify services, and the flow of worship changes week-to-week. Services feature a guitar, piano, or other instruments. Each service is meant to be interactive and participatory, so that we are each moved to connect with God in our own way. We still follow the Christian liturgical year, though we use video, media, and other techniques to bring new meaning to historic patterns of our faith. The dress is casual, and the ministers do not wear robes.

Simplify typically meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at 6 pm; you can check the calendar to see if the monthly date has changed due to a holiday.


Spiritual Formation

At Hampton Baptist, we strive to balance two important characteristics of our faith: we want faith to be thoughtful and informed, while also remaining practical and relevant to daily life.

We offer Sunday School classes and Bible studies for people of all ages, as well as spiritual formation opportunities through retreats, workshops, and special events. Whether we are moving systematically through a book of the Bible, studying current events through the lens of faith, or exploring church history for modern applications, all that we do seeks to strengthen our faith for the modern world.