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Please call or email your prayer request at any time, or use the form on this page. The pastor and church staff would love to pray for you, as would the deacons on the deacon prayer team. 

Our prayer team partners will respond as soon as possible, if needed. Your prayer request will be held confidentially unless you instruct otherwise.

Deacon Prayer of the Month for September

“Lord God, you who are the God of truth, love and justice. We pray that we will see that truth, love and justice established in our own society in this generation.

Lord God , challenge our comforts, rebuke our ease and laziness. Disturb us that we remain unmoved at so much human suffering. May we not only sit up and take notice but also stir ourselves to action to serve you.

Give us the eyes of Christ to see those in need, the homeless, the downtrodden, and the exploited. Give us the heart of Christ to be moved by compassion, pity and love. Give us the hands of Christ to help bring peace into this world of conflict, to hold the hands of those who are broken, to love those who are unlovely, to cherish and nurture the image of God in every human soul.

In Christ’s name and for his sake, we pray. Amen”

—from “A Book of Prayers” by Martin Manser, available in the HBC Prayer Room




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