Minister of Music & Organist – Full Time

Hampton Baptist Church, Hampton, VA

The Minister of Music & Organist will advance the mission of Hampton Baptist Church by leading musically in worship, developing a comprehensive church music program, supporting lay members as they use their musical gifts to glorify God, and supporting the pastor and congregation in overall church ministry. This position will report to the pastor.

Hampton Baptist is a welcoming, thoughtful congregation with a long history in the community. In recent years the church has grown both financially and numerically. Our congregation affirms both men and women in pastoral ministry. Music is very important to many members of our church, and the minister of music will be an integral part of the church staff. The congregation’s primary style of worship is traditional, and the Minister of Music would be most involved with this traditional service. There is also a non-traditional service on some Sunday evenings, and the Minister of Music could also lead in this service depending on his/her preference. You can view a profile of the church and learn more about our music ministry here. 


    1. Plan and implement a comprehensive music program for the church. This will include:
      1. Directing the sanctuary choir, youth choir, and adult handbell choir.
      2. Promoting opportunities for congregational involvement in music, recruiting congregational participants, and scheduling musical opportunities for the congregation.
      3. Networking with other musicians in the area and bringing in guest musicians occasionally, for both traditional worship on Sunday mornings and non-traditional Simplify worship on Sunday evenings.
      4. Partnering with other local churches for collaboration on special programs as appropriate.
      5. Planning special programs (Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, etc) and scheduling guest instrumentalists and vocalists as necessary.
      6. Planning & assisting with special children’s programs such as Vacation Bible School and Music Camp.
      7. Playing for non-worship related church events as the Minister of Music is available.
      8. Securing a supply musician when the Minister of Music is absent.
    2. Assist with the planning, preparation, and implementation of worship services. This will include:
      1. Selecting and planning music for all worship and special services of the church, in coordination with the pastor and other church staff.
      2. Playing organ and piano at worship services to include inspirational hymn accompanying, prelude, offertory, and postlude.
      3. Being responsible for organ repertoire and congregational song.
      4. Being responsive to the rhythms of the liturgical year.
      5. Playing for the funerals and weddings of church members as the Minister of Music is available (because weddings and funerals are a part of the ministry of the church, there are no fees charged for weddings and funerals).
    3. Oversee administrative aspects of the music program, such as:
      1. Working with the lay music committee to develop the music program.
      2. Purchasing music and other supplies.
      3. Providing suggestions about appropriate uses for funds from the music endowment.
      4. Ensuring that musical instruments (pianos, organ, handbells, etc) are properly maintained and serviced.
      5. Working within the allotted budget as approved by the church, and making recommendations about future budgeting for music and worship.
    4. Support the overall health and life of the church, in ways that respect the Minister of Music & Organist’s gifting and interests. Assist Pastor and congregation in areas of pastoral care, outreach, discipleship, family ministries, and administration as agreed upon by the candidate, the Pastor, and the Personnel Committee.


    1. Loves God and professes Jesus Christ as Lord.
    2. Call to Christian ministry or desire to serve a local church (formal seminary training and ordination is appreciated, but is not required for this position).
    3. Ability to minister to people of all age groups.
    4. Expert skills in musical directing, organ, and piano.
    5. Strong repertoire of traditional organ works, with a willingness to expand into other musical genres that are less traditional and formal occasionally.
    6. Good communication skills.
    7. Timeliness, punctuality, and dependability.


Interested candidates may send a resume and cover letter to:

Darlene Scheepers, Administrative Assistant