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After Hours Pastoral Care On-Call Schedule Our emergency on-call schedule is as follows: during office hours, contact the church office;  the Deacon Care Team share nights and weekends. If you are unable to reach one of them try another one, or leave a message on cell or home phones.

ACS church directory (here).

During the COVID-19 Crisis there are changes in how to contact church staff.

Church phone and how it will be managed: Church Phone 723.0707
When HBC is closed calls will be transferred to Darlene.
If you have a question or need:
• call the church phone
• or a specific staff member listed below:

Cell Numbers of HBC Staff:

Mike Clingenpeel 804.921.2222
Roy Belfield 336.831.3586
Aaron Whittington 593.8198
Darlene Scheepers 813.0387
Larry Jones 660.6929

Using the HBC Phone System. When you call 723-0707, you can...

Leave a message in general mailbox (press 0)
Leave a message for any staff member (press the extension)
Hear staff members? extensions (press 1)
Hear our regular Sunday & Wednesday schedules (press 2)
Hear our mailing address, email address, fax number and web address (press 3)
Hear general directions and parking information (press 4)
Hear impact of weather on schedule (press 5)

Weather Alert! In the event of inclement weather, if there is any uncertainty about service cancellations:

  • Call the church at 723-0707 and press 5 after the message.
    Check the HBC website
    Check local TV station websites and tickers

In the event of a power outage, one or more of these options may not be possible, but we will do our best to ensure that members are notified. Our primary concern is for your safety. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution and do not attempt to come to church for a service if the weather conditions are dangerous.

Direct Debit Contributions. Call the church office for details on how to start direct debit to your bank account for your church offerings. Complete the Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments to HBC and there will be no more forgetting checks or envelopes at home. It is easier than 1-2-3! Sign up today! The Direct Debit form is available here.

Media Library. Our library is an excellent source for devotional, study, and teaching materials which are available for checking out. There is also an extensive children's section with fiction, non-fiction, and reference books for all ages.

The "Give and Take" book exchange is available. Why not come and check it out? There is something for everyone. Give a book to share and take a book to read - no checking out. These books are on the BIG RED cart in the library.