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About Us

Our Vision

Adopted in 2007, our Vision Statement helps to define who our church is and where we are going. We hope you will be interested in joining us for what we know is an exciting future for our church.

From generation to generation, we will seek to proclaim the good news of God's grace by following the example of Jesus Christ who ministered to the needs of others through teaching, serving, and loving God and neighbors.

Our Mission

In 1988, we adopted a mission statement, to help focus our resources on the tasks central to our purpose.  Based on an ancient confession of early Christians, it defines who we are in terms of our message, ministries, and external relations:   

Hampton Baptist Church, a fellowship of Christians baptized to symbolize their faith that Jesus Christ is Son of God and Savior, is united in covenant for the proclamation of that message, the worship of God, observance of the ordinances established by Christ, instruction in spiritual growth, cooperative endeavors with other churches, and service to society consistent with the Gospel imperative.

Our Core Values

To worship God in a reverent and dignified manner utilizing scripture, music, prayer, and the ordinances of communion and baptism;

To participate in hands-on mission activities both locally and globally, and to support mission endeavors through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship;

To fellowship as a community of faith through prayer support, care and compassion, as well as laughter and recreation;

To live out a theology that recognizes the priesthood of all believers, the autonomy of the local church, open inquiry of scripture, the leadership of men and women in ministry, and grace-filled acceptance of persons of all walks of life;

To encourage spiritual growth through meaningful Bible study, Sunday School classes, prayer meetings, and special studies;

To minister to the unique needs of a multi-generational congregation by providing ministry to children, youth, adults, and senior adults with a commitment to reach out to our community and seek to bring others into our fellowship;

To be good and faithful stewards of all our resources including our time, talents, finances, staff, facilities, and our rich history and heritage.

Adopted January 31, 2007

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