(varied times)
5:00pm Steeple Singers
(2nd and 4th Sun.)

6:15pm Melody Choir
6:15pm Concord Choir
7:00pm Sanctuary Choir


In Loving Memory of Tom Matthews







We mourn the loss but celebrate the life of our beloved Minister of Music/Organist, Tom Matthews. He left us far too soon but we are richer for the time that he shared with us at Hampton Baptist Church. His leadership in the music of the worship services enhanced the worship experience for the congregation. He inspired his choirs to sing their best for the love and glory of God. He cared for the senior adults and lead them on many adventures in the Senior Moments group. He loved the children and nurtured them in a love of music. He will be missed more than words can say.

A photographic memory album is here.



"When in our music God is glorified,
And adoration leaves no room for pride,
It is as though the whole creation cried,

Our Music Ministry at Hampton Baptist Church provides a venue for interested persons to discover the nature of God through sounds and words, to develop interactive skills within the choral process, and to support the various services of worship through regular participation. The Music Ministry also strives to involve available instrumental talent to complement the overall effectiveness of the music program. We hope you will find one or more opportunities to participate.

The mission of Hampton Baptist Church is celebrated in the act of corporate worship. Music is a vital ingredient within the context of the spoken Word. Indeed, there are times when music conveys the Word with more impact than words alone. The Music Ministry provides an important dimension in communicating God's majesty, while emphasizing always the highest literary and musical standards. 

The Music Ministry has always been a strong and vital asset of the Hampton Baptist Church, and has long enjoyed a pre-eminent position for sacred music in Hampton Roads. The current sanctuary, built in 1883, had a smaller balcony dedicated to the choir and pump organ. The original configuration is apparent when the sanctuary is viewed from the pulpit area. In the last century, this church has been blessed with many excellent musicians, both in the post of Minister of Music/Organist as well as talented singers and instrumentalists within the congregation. 

The Music Ministry offers a wide variety of music ensembles to serve various interests, abilities, and age groups.


MELODY CHOIR: introduces children ages 4 through 1st grade to the joy of singing together in a musical group. They rehearse Wednesday evenings 6:15 - 6:50pm and sing three to four times a year in the Sunday morning worship services. 

CONCORD CHOIR: children 2nd through 5th grades sing printed music and begin to develop choral skills. They rehearse Wednesday evenings 6:15 - 6:50pm and participate in worship services three to four times a year. 

SANCTUARY CHOIR: provides anthems and service music on a weekly basis that reflects a wide range of the classic religious music tradition. Their expertise provides quality performances over the course of the church year, often augmented by instruments. They rehearse Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. 

STEEPLE SINGERS: explore a more casual repertoire and participate in worship services six or seven times a year. Rehearsals are the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 5:00pm. 

HANDBELL CHOIR: rehearses on selected Sunday afternoons and leads worship services three times a year, as well as augmenting other service music. 

SMALL ENSEMBLES: There are additional ad hoc vocal ensembles, such as duets, trios, quartets, and other configurations which add variety to our worship services.